Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Good Life

I have about 100 blogs that a read regularly – some are connected to each other by friendships and some I’ve simply stumbled upon. But one common theme at the moment across most of the blogs is “how to be greener”. In the media it’s the “hip” thing to be. But the crafty community is really inspiring to be “green” and not just trying to appear green. I’ve been reading some wonderful articles on composting, wardrobe refashioning, eating and growing organic vegetables and generally trying to live a greener and hopefully happier life. I am genuinely excited by the thought of trying to live a “simpler” life through being greener.

I’m looking forward to making jumpers and snuggling up rather than cranking the heater up. Fewer lights and more candles. I’ve also been trying to eliminate processed foods from my diet in the hope of feeling generally better. I’m not ill- just “not right” and sluggish. I’m pining over a bicycle (she’s just like Edna that I’ve been coveting for a while!) My sewing class achievements mean that I can now make myself some lovely clothes and not feel like it’s “home made”. I’ve asked Mr Honi to build me a compost (and I now plan my weeks cooking and buy only what I need for each recipe which means I am limiting my waste). I’ve also asked him to make a hose from the washing machine to use the grey water in the garden. Plus I’m saving money – I bought ink refillers for our printer which literally saved me about $40!!! I’d love to have a chook or two for fresh eggs each morning. And If Mr Honi weren’t highly allergic, I’d keep bees too. I love the thought of only buying fresh fruit and veg at Farmers markets every Saturday morning – and never really stepping into a gigantic shopping centre again.
Can anyone recommend a good Farmers Market in Sydney? I’ve heard a lot are dodgey.

I’m setting myself a challenge to change at least one thing each week to make our household a happier, cheaper, greener home. I’ll keep you up to date on what I do!
images from one of my fave old TV shows - The Good Life


A Life So Peachy said...

Yay! for being a greenie!

I like Eveleigh Markets (saturdays) and Marrickville Growers market at Addison road (sundays). Marrickville also has some secondhand stalls, is a bit hippie and has the added benefit of being close to Reverse Garbage and The Bower. I'll keep going to both of these after the move (not soo green) but they might be a bit of a hike for you!
You should also look up "sydney vintage bikes" on ebay :)

veri maz said...

yah eveleigh markets are cool but i'd rate the marrickville for cheapness (plus extra reverse garbage/the bower fun).

I've not been to the one at chatswood public school?

our plan on moving to Dundas is to check out flemington markets and go halves in boxes with my brother and his family.

Re the compost, my worm farm is easy peasy. I have a mini brabanita style bin in the kitchen that needs to go out every day or 2. the worm farm will attract some bugs but doesnt smell. just remember to drain off the rich liquid for your garden.

sadieandlance said...

Hey Bec, I'll chime in and say that Eveleigh is indeed great. I'm not sure where you are, but if Eveleigh is too far, there is a market at Belrose which is supposed to be good. Also, the Fox Studios or whatever that's caled) is a good one, well it used to be - I haven't been in a while.

We've got a Bokashi bin, which is brilliant. Worms are great too, but there are some things you can't put in a worm farm (citrus, onion, meat etc) but you can put almost any food scraps in a Bokashi bin. And they don't smell, so they can stay live in the kitchen too.

Good luck with the greening, keep us posted!

PaperLion said...

Hi Bec

If you're heading Inner West, try Orange Grove Organic Food & Farmers Market. It's on every Saturday 8.30am-1pm. Cnr Balmain Rd and Perry St Leichhardt.

Jodie said...

Edna is truly grateful for the love. She is now the go-to transport for evening supermarket trips and post office trips...
If only I didn't work in a school on top of a crazy hill !!!